Onboard and manage the integrity of new suppliers

Supplier Integrity® is a platform designed to automate the compliance and integrity risk assessment of your suppliers, and easily integrates with your existing tools and processes. Designed by global compliance experts, the platform complements your existing procurement tools with a layer of protection against the integrity risk brought on by unknowingly engaging the wrong suppliers.

Promote transparency of integrity risk throughout your entire supply chain.


Make Better, Faster Decisions

With Supplier Integrity®, both compliance officers and procurement officers work with one consolidated view of supplier risk data enabling them to make faster, better-informed decisions. 

Unlike the “check-the-box” compliance approach, Supplier Integrity® uses information about a potential supplier to calculate a risk score based on the unique integrity risks that are relevant to your business, industry and the relationship you have with a supplier.

Compliance Officers

  • Enables a risk based approach to supplier onboarding

  • Easily conduct compliance screenings

  • Address the risks that could impact your organisation

  • Prioritise onboarding activities with risk-tier based workflows

  • Recommend a preferred approach to address the risk issues unique to each supplier’s business, region, and your company’s specific relationship with them



Procurement Officers

  • Identify and remediate issues faster and more efficiently

  • Optimise the risk review process

  • Streamline supplier onboarding

  • Reduce manual processes with automation



Supplier Integrity® Integrates with Your Existing Platforms

Supplier Integrity® integrates with Vendor Management Systems and ERPs to provide governance through formally managing the ethics, integrity, and compliance risks review process. Enable your systems with real-time status of the supplier risk assessment throughout the onboarding process. When a supplier has been properly vetted through the compliance risk workflow, automated notifications enable your systems to take appropriate action.